Professional erotic massages in Lithuania

Erotic Massages

Ero Express (If You Are In A Hurry)

If you are in a rush and do not have much time, it is something just for you. It may also fit you if you are not a big fan of massage, but simply looking for a relax and quick pleasure. Be sure that even though the whole body massage will be shorter, the massage of the main erogenic spots will not be reduced.

Duration - 30 minutes
Price - 70 EU.

Excellent Erotic Relaxing Massage
The Royal Massage With Happy Beginning And Happy End
If you are fan of erotic massage and not surpressed with time, it is something for you. This massage is longer, therefore whole body and its biologically active spots are massaged and stimulated even more  thoroughly. Session starts with erotic massage of the front of the body – hands and boobs are touching chest, abdomen, legs and genitals what suppose to lead to the first orgasm. Culmination will help you to relax and fully enjoy the forthcomming process of relaxing massage (working with your muscles). After thoroughful treatment of front of the body massage will be given to the  back, buttocks, legs. After some time relaxing massage will turn to the erotic massage and it will make you excited again. It will enable you to enjoy one more orgasm. During this massage you will enjoy a double more of tempting touches, full relaxation, and lots of new feelings that have never been felt before.

Duration - 90 min.
Price is 150 EU

Tantric Erotic Massage

Erotic massages and a lot more

Shower together

Willing to take a bath together? Would love to feet gentle touches on your body under running water? Need to help while washing your back?  Then the option of shower together is something for you.
(+10 EU)

Head and face massage
Massage with hot wax
Prostate Massage
Relaxing, soft erotic massage for me
Full erotic massage for me
Are you ready for real exchange of the places with a massage therapist and perform full erotic massage by yourself? Wanna touch and carry her body from head to the toefingers? You will be encouraged to treat all her body with flavored oils and perform gently massage. On her nipples you may apply luxury oils with adorable test of strawberries or chocolate and then softly lick it. This massage is longer than relaxing, soft erotic massage for her and you may more thoroughly and extensively massage her erogenic spots. You will also be able to touch her pussy (for this purpose you will got special lubricant oil), you even can penetrate her vagina and stimulate the G-spot until she will got an orgasm.
(+80 EU)

Happy end with oral
Vibro show
Foot fetish
Scenarios: Nurse, Firefighter, Teacher

Advantages of erotic massages

Enjoy gorgeous professional body to body erotic massage with a happy end (sexual release), or, if your horny enough - with a happy beginning and happy end (multiple sexual releases).

You are welcome to take a shower before or/and after massage.
You may choose what suits you best - pure massage oil (without any parfum), your favorite aromat from collection of Veranna massage oils, or luxurious massage oils with aphrodisiacs.

Special massages techniques will help to achieve full relaxation and great pleasure. Your erogenic zones and biologically active points will be stimulated to enhance sexual excitation and to achieve particularly intensive orgasm through the handjob or with oral stimulation.

Body to body massage will be performed with elements of Tantra, in beautiful place surrounded by candles and playing romantic, relaxing music.

During the session, you will lay comfortably and you will enjoy positive emotions. You will experience total relaxation and a culmination of pleasure, so called "happy ending" – however it will not yet be the end of massage itself – during the orgasm the sensation becomes particularly intense and it is not advisable to run into the shower until you will calm down. Therefore, after a happy end, a short relax massage of your chest, belly and legs will help you to disfrute the euphoria of orgasm.

Please be aware that regular prices are valid until 22:00 h.
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