The aromatic massage oils from the Verana series are 100 percent natural oils addopted for professional relaxing massage. Nourishes and softens the skin.Thus oils provide great slip, its seductive exotic scents relax, excite and arouse passion.

• Lilac Flowe). Smoothes headaches. Repel negative forces and strengthens vital energy.
• Lemon. Fresh lemon scent improves mood.
• Grapefruit. The warm, citrus, refreshing, stimulats, toning, improving mood.
• Ginger. Strengthens the immune system, stimulates passion.
• Jasmine flower. This beautifull summer scent relax, symbolize sensuality and love.
• Lavender. Provencal symbol. Intensive aroma helps to relax and break away from everyday laziness.
• Lavender and Grapefruit (for facial massages). 100 percent natural oil. Nourishes and softens the skin. Lavender helps to relax and break away from everyday laziness, Grapefruit refreshs, stimulats, improvs mood.
• Peppermint. The refreshing smell of mint relax, stimulate, gives energy. Perfectly removes unpleasant smells in the environment.
• Lily of the valley flower. The subtle aroma calms and relaxes. German scientists have found that this aroma also make sperm moove twice as quickly.
• Pine. The refreshing flavor of the blast stimulates nervous system, helps to overpass melancholy and depression.
• Rose. Rose aroma soothes, raises mood, improves memory (recommended before the exam)
• Sweet orange. Warm, citrus, refreshing and fruity aroma acts as stimulant, stimulates mood.
• Green Tea. A delicate, refreshing fragrance, perfect for those who are smart and sensitive to scents, but want to discover the smell, which gives a fresh, calm feel.
• Violet flower. Spring, fresh, delicate aroma of lilies raises mood.
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